Following the success on the market of Acacia wooden floor, ALI offers an eclusive new collection of Oak wood floors with a purely domestic vocation.

As for Acacia versions these Oak products retain the prerogative of using forest resources paying attention to the environment and are proposed from a technical and economic point of view as a valid alternative to laminate and other synthetic floors, with the further advantage of Oak top layer, which is unrivaled in terms of approval from the customers.

Strato Superiore: Rovere da 1 mm
Intermediate Layer: Eucalyptus
Lower layer: Poplar
Descrizione del prodotto
Elementi in legno a base di Rovere europeo
Technical characteristics
Grading class
Thickness10 mm
Width125 mm
Length900 mm
European reference standardUNI EN 14354: 2005
Performance characteristics
Class of reaction to fireCfl-s1
Emission of formaldehydeE1
Slip resistanceUSRV 30
Thermal resistance0,062 m² °k/w
Biological durabilityClasse 1